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FitnessGenes uses genetics and environmental factors to give personalised sleep, nutritional, and workout recommendations to help optimise a customer's wellbeing. FitnessGenes wanted to further personalise customer's recommendations and workouts by using biometric and health data.

At the time customers found it hard to consume their daily recommendations and workout plan. We had two problems to tackle, how do we get customers to follow their recommendations and workout plan, and how do we collect the correct biometric and health data related to their workout.

After a number of discussions we decided to tackle both problems at the same time. We wanted to design an app for a wearable device that would allow customers to follow their recommendations and workout plan whilst tracking their biometric and health data. We decided on using Fitbit to prove the concept as Fitbit had about 15% market share of the wearable industry and development of the app could be kept in-house.

My role

I documented the issues of following recommendations and completing a workout when using the website by working closely with the coaching team who had direct contact with customers, and by following an 8 week workout plan myself. I created a journey map listing the customer's does, thinks and says over a number of stages.

This was the first Fitbit project I worked on so I had to familiarise myself with Fitbit's Design Guidelines and UI Components, after I was comfortable with that I started sketching the user flow. After chatting with the coaching team and the development team, and after a few iterations we were excited about the solution. When creating the high fidelity user flow I decided to keep the interface as close as possible to Fitbit's Design Guidelines by using their downloadable assets for speed and to prove the concept.

FitnessGenes Workout Journey
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Workout journey map
FitnessGenes Fitbit User flow
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App user flow
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App during workout

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