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When FitnessGenes rebranded from MuscleGenes the product was no longer just aimed at experienced gym goers focusing on building strength and muscle. It was now aimed at all fitness levels, from getting fit to get shredded.

The goal was to help customers lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle by optimising their nutrition and workouts based on their genetics. FitnessGenes already had a platform where users could find their DNA results, nutrition guide, genetic workout plan and genetic blueprint. My challenge was to transform the way users of all fitness levels could utilise their genetic information to achieve their goals.


This was a cross team project, research was done across the science, product and design teams. We gathered as much research as possible to help create a product that was going to make a difference to the user. I focused on understanding the current solution, current problems, user needs, and also what users were saying about the platform.


Actionable insights

The product team started a project to rewrite the scientific content. Working closely with the product team and the science team I focused on presenting and structuring the information so it was digestible and usable.

Personal insight
Genetically tailored recipe card

Removing friction

Focusing on what the user needed to achieve their fitness goal allowed us to remove some points of friction. As mentioned, it was discovered that users found it difficult to translate their nutrition guide into meals. So we decided to keep the nutrition guide but back it up with recipes that were tailored to the user’s genetics and allergies.


With so much content on the platform it was difficult for users to find what was personal to them based on their genetics. I worked with the science team and development team to bring to live “What your genes say”, these were snippets of information that were gene specific and personal to the user.

Personalised snippet

Design and build

It was my responsibility to design the platform and deliver those designs to the development team. Working with the development team, we broke down technical work and front-end work. I took on the front-end build and worked along side the development team to bring the platform to life.

Personal Insights based on gentics

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